Ensaladang Talbos ng Kamote

As you can see from the set of pictures I took, I served the slow cooker Lechon I made the other day with a delicious side of enslaving talbots ng kamote. ‘Cause you know, there’s nothing like teaming up a fatty slab of pork belly with nutritious sweet potato leaves and tomato salad for long, healthy life.

Rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants,  kamote tops are, indeed, one of the best superfoods you can incorporate in your diet. Unfortunately, some of these nutrients can be lost from improper or overcooking of the vegetable. To preserve most of their health benefits, I prefer to steam the leaves until just wilted instead of blanching in boiling water. The leaves are then briefly plunged in iced water to stop the cooking process and maintain crispness. The salad is generously doused in a simple vinaigrette dressing made with vinegar, garlic, oil, salt, pepper and a touch of sugar to balance the acidity. Nutritious as it is delicious, Ensalada makes the perfect side dish for fried fish, grilled meats and of course, crunchy chunks of Lechon. Enjoy!

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