Almond Jello

Almond Jello made with almond-flavored gelatin and fruit cocktail. Refreshing and delicious, it’s the perfect finish to a hearty meal!

Over these past few weeks, I’ve been inching my way through holiday favorites to build a delicious list to help you plan your Christmas festivities. So far, here are a few Kawaling Pinoy yums to fill your Noche Buena table.

  • Pork Belly Lechon Roll
  • Hardinera
  • Rellenong Manok
  • Lumpiang Hubad
  • Filipino-style Macaroni Salad
  • Bring
  • Morcon
  • Sotanghon at Bola Bola Sopas
  • Baked Macaroni
  • Buko Salad
  • Maja Blanca Espesyal
  • Bibingka Malagkit
  • Pork Estofado
  • Cathedral Window Gelatin
  • Halayang Ube


Almond jello is a popular dessert offered in dim sum houses as a palate cleanser after a hearty meal but it will also make a great addition to your holiday gathering as it is colorful and festive, super easy to make and sure to please the crowd.

This light and refreshing milk gelatin are usually served with canned fruit cocktail but feel free to substitute any fruit packed in syrup such as lychees, mandarin oranges, pineapple tidbits and sliced peaches for variety. Give it a try and please don’t forget to leave me feedback. Your comments are always appreciated.


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